"Old Jackson Jail from Hell" ~ Halloween Haunted House 

Friday Nights 7pm-10pm ~ Saturday Nights 6pm-10pm ~ Halloween Night 7pm-10pm

A Halloween Attraction ~ Only the brave will survive

Bring your printed receipt, ID & Card used to make the purchase. You may also purchase your tickets during the event, We accept Cash, Debit and Credit Cards on site.

By purchasing a ticket and/or entering the Old Jackson Jail from Hell ~ Haunted House, you agree to ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK and you assume all liabilities incidental to the events BEFORE, DURING and AFTER. Specifically, you hereby RELEASE/WAIVE White Wold and Company, Inc., The Old Jackson Jail from Hell ~ Haunted House, National Hotel and All Affiliates of all medical, legal, financial and personal injury/property loss/damage liabilities including ALL BROADCAST/TALENT RIGHTS. And you claim NO copyright interests or compensation if your image is used as a part of any websites, video images, or promotional material.You should not enter if you are pregnant, are claustrophobic, are prone to seizures or have heart and/or any respiratory problems.The Old Jackson Jail from Hell ~ Haunted House reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone at any time.


By purchasing your tickets you agree to the above terms and conditions.



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