"Old Jackson Jail from Hell" ~ Halloween Haunted House 

Friday Nights 7pm-10pm ~ Saturday Nights 6pm-10pm ~ Halloween Night 7pm-10pm

A Halloween Attraction ~ Only the brave will survive

Welcome, to the "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" ~ Halloween Haunted House Attraction, Located at the Haunted Old Amador County Courthouse and Jail at 108 Court Street, Jackson CA.. For the whole month of October and first 2 weeks in November we have set aside our private investigations at the Old Amador County Courthouse and Jail in order to put together a real Haunted House Attraction everyone can experience if you have the guts to handle it.. This is not for the meek or the weak.. 


The Old Amador County Courthouse and Jail is one of the most haunted locations West of the Mississippi, now add a Halloween Haunted House to the mix and you now have a combination for a very scary, heart pumping evening..

With that said the "Haunted Old Jackson Jail from Hell" may be too much for young children, We suggest 12 years old and up to join.. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Not recommended for those with heart issues or issues with climbing up or down stairs and women who are pregnant..


Food and merchandise vendors will be available for all. Free parking in the parking lot behind the  building while at the event.. 

We recommend tickets be purchased at a discount on line in advance via the web-site to save time and money. Tickets are limited for each given night. You must buy your tickets for the evening you will attend. Tickets may be sold at the event if space is still available. We prefer Cash but also except Debit and Credit Cards. Allow yourself extra time if your buying additional tickets..


There are two types of tickets being sold. Standard General Pass and VIP Fast Passes. VIP Fast Pass will get you moved to the head of the line and into the action much quicker..


Portions of the proceeds are being donated  from the "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" - Halloween Haunted House to local charities and organizations..

All sales are final and no refunds will be given unless the event is canceled. We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone who appear under the influence and may be a danger to themselves and or others..

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