"Old Jackson Jail from Hell" ~ Halloween Haunted House 

Friday Nights 7pm-10pm ~ Saturday Nights 6pm-10pm ~ Halloween Night 7pm-10pm

A Halloween Attraction ~ Only the brave will survive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" Halloween Haunted House located?

A. The "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" is located at 108 Court Street, Jackson, CA               95642. The building is the haunted Old Amador County Courthouse & Jail.


Q. Is there a charge for parking?

A. No, there is no charge for parking while at the Halloween Haunted House, Parking       is in the back of the building. 


Q. What if it rains? Will the event be canceled for the evening?    

A. No, come rain or shine the event will go on as planned. If it does rain the lines             will be under cover and should not cause a problem.

Q. How do I get my passes for the "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" Halloween Haunted         House?

A. When you buy your tickets on line, print a copy of your receipt and bring with you       to pick up your passes.


Q. Can I buy more tickets at the event?

A. Yes, you can buy more tickets at the event if it has not already sold out for the             evening. Make sure you allow yourself extra time to do so. We prefer Cash but           can accept Debit and Credit Cards as well.        

Q. Are there stairs and is the event wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, there are stairs involved in the "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" Halloween                 Haunted House which makes it not fully wheelchair accessible. But we can                 accommodate a shorter version on the lower floor. Please email or call us so we         can make special arrangements.


Q. What does the VIP Fast Pass do?

A. The VIP Fast Pass takes you to a separate much shorter line than the General             Admissions Line, so you're waiting in line is much shorter.


Q. How long does it take to go through the Haunted House once you get inside?

A. That really depends on the flow and the number of people we have, but we are             estimating approx 20mins to go through.


Q. What if I can't make the date on my ticket, Can I use it another date or can I get a       refund?

A. Sorry, all sales are final and NO Refunds will be issued. We will try and work with       you for another date if it hasn't sold out but will need at least a 48 hour notice to       do so.


Q. What age is allowed to partake in the "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" Halloween             Haunted House?

A. The Haunted may be a bit much for younger children, those with health/heart             issues and pregnant women. We suggest 12 years old and up join. Children               under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


Q. Can or do the Actors touch you while inside the event?

A. No, We generally try to avoid touching you inside the haunt, but it is possible             that you might get touched. You, however, are NOT allowed to touch us. Any               inappropriate or unwelcome touching of actors or props will result in being               asked to leave by security or police.

       Additional Rules for the "Old Jackson Jail from Hell" Halloween Haunted House


  1. No photos or videos are allowed inside the Old County Courthouse/Jail.

  2. No flashlights, phone lights, or any other types of lights are allowed inside.

  3. No smoking of any kind is allowed inside or on property. Lighters, matches and open flame are prohibited.

  4. No running or horseplay is allowed on the property.

  5. No weapons, dangerous or illegal items are allowed on the property. No bags, backpacks, purses allowed, bulky clothing are subject to being searched before allowing you to pass. Contraband will be confiscated and/or you will be prohibited from entering the Haunt.

  6. No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the property. Similarly, if you are intoxicated or otherwise impaired – or if you appear to be so – you will not be allowed to enter. We suggest you leave your backpack, fannypacks, sacks and other bulky items in your locked up vehicle before you get in line. 

  7. Local police and fire department personnel will be on location to help us provide for a fun and safe environment and help us enforce the rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.



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