The Old Amador County Courthouse & Jail is fast proving itself as one of the Top Haunted Locations west of the Mississippi...

The Old Amador County Courthouse & Jail have been one of the best kept secrets among paranormal investigating enthusiast these past years. Up until now only a handful have had full access to this extremely haunted and active location. 

Investigators have not only witness residual activity, but also experienced intelligent interaction with spirits. From class A EVP's to disembodied voices, clothes being tugged and pulled. Heavy cell doors being open and closed forcefully, shadow people, full body apparitions and more.

Now it's your turn to experience this extremely active haunted location for yourself  with friends and or team. Up to 15 adults at a time will be allowed to a "Lock-Down Investigation" from 7pm ~ 2am on available Friday and Saturday evenings. The Courthouse/Jail has 3+ floors to explore and thoroughly investigate. One area within the building is just as active as the next. The "Lock-Down Investigations" is a first come, first serviced event that is open to all adults 18 years and older. There is a $100 per person fee..

If  you want to make your investigation a "Private Group Lock-Down" a non-refundable $400 deposit is required to make it private. The $400 deposit covers the first 1-4 people in your group, an additional $100 per person for the 5th-15th person in your group is required..

Special Mon - Thur night investigations may also be arranged, call, email or message if you have a special request. This is not just another haunted location.. It's the "Mother Lode" of locations... O ya this is going to Fing ROCK!!!!


Call 209-454-2005 with any questions and to Lock-Down your investigation.



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